Naked Ears

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I have a 10 month old Chi/Maine steer, and he's had lots of fungal problems (pink eye, ringworm, warts, and mysterious rubbing out of hair, all of which I have taken care of (the hair is still growing back though...), but I noticed a while ago (seemingly independant of any of the other problems) that my steer has lost almost all of the hair on the back of his ears. I've never seen him rub his ears, and there are no rub marks or sores, like he had made from rubbing his shoulders and chest. He had very hairy ears when I got him, and his ears are quite hairy on the inside and every where else. He just has very thin hair on the back of his ears now (kind of like a comb-over). I have wormed him twice with Strongid pellets (60 day increments), I brush him daily, rinse him twice a week, and wash him every two weeks. He has also been treated for lice and grubs recently. He seems healthy, and is eating approximately 6 lb. oat hay and 24 lb. grain daily. Any idea what's up with his ears?
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