Milky Cloudy Cow Eyes

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Nov 29, 2017
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On Tuesday (4bdays ago) I got a newborn calf. She wasn't feeding right and was rejected by her mother after a traumatic birthing. We found her alone on her side in the grass.

I'm ashamed to say I was so focused on her feeding that I hadn't had a chance to pay attention to her eyes until she started walking. She was stumbling and pumping into stuff. Her eyes were watery and a bit red but they didn't seem cloudy.

Today - four days later - I was finally able to get a real good look at her eyes. One eye is cloudy and the other eye is milky cloudy with a white spot and hint of red around the whites.

I know that's not a good sign for any animal to have eyes like that and I'm wondering... Does that mean she's permanently blind now?

I couldn't get a clear picture of her eyes because she jerks her head at me too much, but this is similar to what one of Mira's eyes (the left one) looks like minus all the red around the sclera (white part).

One eye looks like this while the other eye (the right) is similar but has a wide white spot near the caruncle and cornea. She has slightly reddish veins in both eyes around the cornea.

Her eyes were and do occasionally leak. That's why I'm wondering if it's pink eye?
Looks like IBR. The vet can treat hat and clear it up in no time at all.
Update: We believe now that it's extreme pink eye from the rough conditions of her birth. So we're gonna try giving her medicine for the next week to see how she does.
if she picks up nutrition and gets healthy, over the infection she had... my experience is they will most likely get a portion of their sight back. have a nurse calf at home now that went through this now. looked like the shao lin priest on kung fu when i brought her home... today no doubt she will function fine in a herd

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