Mike C?

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I know that a Mike Callis has been a very vocal opponent to the expansion and reopening of the Montgomery Motor Speedway. I don't know if that is the same guy or not or where the MMS is in relation to Millbrook (a suburb of Montgomery).

***edit*** I looked it up and it has got to be a different guy since the track is west of Montgomery not east towards Millbrook.
:) I was referring to the Mike C on here that thought CAB was a wonderful program and always agreed with Frankie on just about everything. (That should bring him out of the woodwork if he is still lurking.) :)
If you are talking about MikeC that had the Charolais cattle it would not be that hard to find contact information for him through the association, so if you're gravely worried about him you could check that route. :lol:
Yeah he was a good poster. Not sure I agreed with everything he had to say, but he definitely added excitment to the boards every once in a while.

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