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I'm using Romagnola and Marchigiana bulls at the same time in the three terminal breed rotation program with my commercial herd, both of them are considered to be terminal breeds, I'm please with them. The other two breeds I use are Limousin and Charolais.

My take on: is that they are easy calvers & black pigmentated skin.
Marchigiana produces more muscle.

If you are interested you could visit, search in technical service-breeds standards

Tc":c3klky48 said:
has any of you ever used marcky bulls? what is your take on them?
Do you breed them or are you just interested in them?I'm also in Tennessee but haven't seen any around here. Sam Plank
no i dont breed them.i want one to use on my angus an blkbaldy cows i just bought.~~~~~~~~~~~~Tc

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