Mange Mites?

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Mike Trane

Sep 12, 2023
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Vineland, Co
I just brought home two Registered Dexter calves from a breeder. I noticed these Nickel sizes bare spots on their legs primarily. Is it Mange Mites? I will doctor with ivermax Saturday. Will once be enough? How soon until I can treat again. They are not scratching or rubbing it.
Back in the eighties I had a bad case of ringworm in one of my herds, it was a wet period we were going through, I called the vet and he said to do nothing and that as soon as it dries up it will go away, eventually it did go away, I would give them ivermectin because of the stress it puts on them, I believe lice and mites are even worse if that's what it is.
Got to be careful with ringworm !
From MSD:
Other species may also be infected, including horses, sheep and also man in whom it may cause serious skin lesions. The zoonotic implications are serious, and once ringworm is known to be on farm all precautions must be taken to avoid spread to farm staff and especially children.
Thanks Everyone. I will get them treated with the ivermax. They have loose mineral and a block.
I will update with progress. The breeder did say it had been wet there. They were also in a dirt lot all the time. Here they have pasture and nice dry shelter.
And you can speed it along with gracious application(s) of iodine.
As an experiment, tried not only the iodine, but scrubbing with a toothbrush on one my most docile cows a few years ago (with cubes to keep her occupied and not hating me quite as much). Did it daily for a week. She didn't seem to heal any faster than the others. I've also been told that anti-fungal cream (like for athletes foot) will help the healing process. Maybe it will, but I have better things to do than worry about something that will clear up anyway.
Further observations last night revealed that the lesions are healing. Most are just bare spots with not hair. I did see a couple of lesions that were crusty. The plan now is to worm tomorrow with the ivermax and then use safrax to spray their shelter.
I bought a heifer that had ringworm, vet had me spray sulfate of lime on her. When I showed the vet a spot on my stomach she said ringworm, I told her I'd put some on me too. Her answer was "I figured you would!".🤣🤣🤷‍♂️
Ringworm takes about 6 weeks to go away on its own and about a month and a half if you treat it with stuff like bacon grease, Fluid Film, iodine, motor oil, vagisil, athletes foot cream, and every other concoction.
You left out apple cider vinegar, the cat daddy cure-all of the whole livestock civilization.

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