Winter itch /mange

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Nite Hawk

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May 18, 2012
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British Columbia, Canada
Howdy! Haven't been posting for quite a while, life can keep one busy...
Anyways, I have had either mange or winter itch a few times over the years, but it used to be pretty simple to deal with. Dump some ivomectin / ( Bovi-solution ) on them or pour burnt motor oil on ( during the summer months) and it was usually taken care of. Now it seems the "bug" has became resistant to the ivomectin, and I Have applied it twice and it died down and I thought it was taken care of, however it seems to have popped back up again. I have been told by both vets and ranchers that they are using something called "saber" or "sabre", but my understanding it is pretty toxic. Being in Canada, I probably do not have the same access to things that are in the USA..
What is everyone using nowdays for winter itch /,mange? How toxic is Sabre?( saber ) cause the cows are always licking each other, and some are bred.. Dont need any problems..

I don't know about Saber, but I use Pounce (Permethrin ) in scratchers that all the cattle have access to. Seems to keep them from scratching on the fences.
@Nite Hawk, you're probably thinking of Ultra Saber (link below). I used to use Fly Ban for winter lice (and summer flies) but have switched to Ultra Sabre and Ultra Boss. Following is Grit's recipe (including his comments & links) for both Saber & Boss but I up the amount of permethrin and use canola oil (not as thick as corn oil):

This one is similar to UltraBoss, 6oz permithion, 6oz PBO8 and 1 qallon corn oil. I add a pint of diesel fuel because I use old 5 liter pour on wormer containers and application gun.
This one is similar to Ultra Sabre, 3 oz Lambda-cyhalothrin, 6oz PBO8 and 1 gallon of corn oil, I also add diesel fuel to this mix.

Prentox PBO-8 Synergist is an emulsifiable concentrate that synergizes most commonly used insecticides. It contains the only US-made Piperonyl Butoxide as its active ingredient and it is used as an additive in many insecticides to help enhance their performance and resistance management. It is designed to help improve control of insects and mites using lower rates. With its low risk toxicological profile, PBO-8 is safe for humans and the environment. PBO-8 can be used in a variety of different locations from residential dwellings to livestock housing. It works with different types of fogging, misting, or spray equipment to let you use it according to site or pest requirements. But, it is not to be used in outdoor residential misting systems. When mixing PBO-8 with insecticides or acaracides, please do so as listed on the product label. This product has no insecticidal activity on its own.

I use a gun full on cows, 2 gun fulls on bulls and a half a gun or less on calves. I start behind the ears and go to the tail head. The recommend dose is 3 ml per 100 lb. Reminder, the under use of insecticides creates immunity and doesn't work nearly as well.
Ultra Saber Pour-On Insecticide for Beef Cattle Calves Merck - Cattle Fly Lice | Pinkeye Protection (
If you are trying to kill lice, Clean Up is the product you should be using at this point.
No I am looking at mange or "winter itch" which is very similar, NOT lice..
Is the 'Boss" or 'Saber" systemic/ or do they have to be covered in it all over?
Our experience with Sabre is that it was like giving the external parasites a mineral / protein boost. Terrible results here.

We use Ivomec at preg test time as it does still work well on worms. Boss a month before calving seems to be working on the lice problem.
Used oil is not an approved product for parasite control in livestock...........

Not sure that Clean Up 111 is available in Canada. Will check today.
I'm definitely a fan of Clean Up with one's extreme viscosity makes it challenging to apply (even with the product's dedicated applicator) in cold temps...which of course is the likely window of application. Storing it in the house 24 hrs prior to use is warranted.
I just keep a mixture of Pounce and diesel in these things and the winter scratching is greatly reduced. Everybody gets Ivomec in the fall.
Thanks for all the replies, It is NOT lice, NOT ringworm, have had that in the past floating around. It seems the ivomec keeps it down just notkill it all the way out anymore... never heard of clean it ,,

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