lumps on the neck

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I am new to all this so bear with me. Today at the auction a ranch brought in about 60 head of 500-600lb steers. They cut off about ten of them that had lumps on their necks. The lumps were on the lower right side and varied in size from golf ball to softball. The cattle looked healthy otherwise. These lumpy steers they sold seperately and they brought about $20 less CWT then the other 50. What are these lumps, can they be treated, and should one stay away from steers with these?

I guess the main reason I am asking is it seemed to me that a $20 deduction was a lot if this is not a serious condition. If it is just a lump on the neck and nothing else it does not seem that it would affect the carcass value that much.
All the lumps on the same side and general location? I would suspect vacinations with a dirty needle or some other injection issue. Was the brand also on the right side? If it was that would be a dead give away. With shots in the neck it probably wouldn't hurt carcase quality but buyers generally look for reasons to pay less. And things that stand out generally cause the price to drop more.

Lumps just in front of the shoulder on the neck can be swollen lymph glands. But I bet it's reaction to vaccine injections.

Seller was foolish to send them to market in that condition if it was injection site reactiion without an explanation. If they had announced it around here and they were coming from a reputable seller they wouldn't have been discounted.

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