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Feb 1, 2006
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SW Arkansas
I am thinking about getting insurance on some of my bulls. Can anyone recommend a provider that is good to work with? Also, most policies seem to only offer mortality coverage. Do any offer coverage for injuries, accidents, etc. that don't result in death but still render a bull useless for breeding purposes?
We have policies on all our bulls over and above cow insurance. My thoughts are bulls cost to much to relplace when you need them the most.
1. Loss of use...if a bull gets sick but will recover, and needs a replacement. Enough to cover a rental. Coverage depends on premium. Need a letter from the vet stating problem and when probable return to foot rot and temperature spikes causeing inferlitly.
2. Loss of function...if a bull can not do the job for some reason, need a temp replaement. Same vet terms. ie damages to the "tool"
3. letter again, payout on what value you insured for.

We buy all three on the bulls. Two years ago it cost us $800 in premiums on 4 bulls and we got 2800 in payout on one bull. We valued the bull at purchase price and covered for $1000.00 per bull rental if they went down. The insurance company paid out both policies no question asked with the vet letters. Both payouts were on the same bull.
Each bull was covered for $1000.00 for rental in event of 1 and 2 and the death was at purchase. We undervalued the bulls. For example we bought a reg. Angus yearling for $1800.00. To replace him when he was 2 or 3 we would have had to pay 2500 to 3000. But how do you justify the premium on it? Plus, the insurance company will investigate the cost of a replacement when you make a claim. Because we undervalued him, there were no hassels or questions asked and we just bought another yearling for $1800.00
We go through the Co-operators Insurance. Good group to deal with so far.

I should mention, the policy is yearly, and you need to have a bull test done each year. And if you do the bull test before the previous policy expires and he has become a dud...payout...less what you selll him for. So if you get 500. from the sale barn and insured for 1800, a payout of 1300.
co-operators insurance wants the evaluations done with 48hours of buying the policy
We used to have to get liability to show our animals at the fair and were able to get it through our regular insurance company. Check with the Cooperative Extension, they can probably tell you where to find some. A couple years ago they started a group called the Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors and made it a requirement that you purchase a membership in order to show at Maine fairs. This membership includes insurance for your show animals as well, don't know if you have any associations like that that may offer coverage.

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