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Little cajun humor...


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Feb 21, 2004
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Compliments of La4angus...

Years ago, when Boudreaux was a college freshman at LSU, being fresh
out of the swamp, and a rather healthy young man, he figured he'd try
out for the Tiger football team.
"Can you tackle?" asked the coach the first day of practice. "Watch dis," Boudreaux told him, and proceeded to run smack into a telephone pole, shattering it to splinters. "Wow," said the coach. "I'm impressed. Can you run?" "Mais, sure I can run," said Boudreaux. He was off like a shot, and, in just over nine seconds, he had run a hundred yard dash! "Great!" exclaimed the excited coach. "But can you pass a football? Boudreaux rolled his eyes, hesitated for a few seconds and replied, "Mais, Coach," he said, "if I can swallow it, I can probably pass it."