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Have you seen the Marammana Italian breed, we have just A.I. some Longhorn cows with Maremmana semen. The idea is to keep long horns and to add more muscle tone. In near future we will have purebreds Maremmana cattle

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think that showing Longhorns has to do with horns and they shpould be long, we have around 200 Longhorn cows and we are raising Italian breeds and we thought of crossbreeding the Maremmana (that could be named the Italian Longhorn) with Longhorn is a good idea, first of all we keep the heifers to breed them again with Maremmana and the bulls eventhough they will be 1/2 bloods we could find people to show them if not they will go to the slaughter.

> I think that the cross will make
> some great calves, and I am glad
> to see some breeders out there
> that are trying to Keep the horns.

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It sounds like you have a great idea with the crossings, and i would like to here about the calves when they hit the ground and as they grow. On another note...although the ITLA is based on horns. The TLBAA is based on the idea that longhorns are a beef breed. In a TLBAA sanctioned show, there is supposed to be minimal, if any, emphasize on horns... Just thought i would put that out there. Thank You and Good Luck with the crosses.

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