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Dec 30, 2003
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Central Texas
Well well well, there’s hope yet. Gore would be president right now except for the embarrassing fact that he couldn’t carry his own home state. The good folks of Tennessee were too upright to call him one of their own. Well, check out this article. The pertinent part is in bold, the rest is cut out. The whole thing is at http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u ... oymadehuge


Local Boy Made Huge
By Ellen Barry Times Staff Writer

ROBBINS, N.C. — Two days after Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry announced his choice of North Carolina Sen. John Edwards (news - web sites) as a running mate, there was little evidence of the event in Edwards' rural, industrial hometown.

There were no banners, no balloons, no Kerry-Edwards lawn signs.
Although the owner of the Capt. Snipper Salon and Day Spa had put up a hand-lettered poster on the morning of the announcement — "Congradulations to John Edwards" — that poster was gone by the next day.

What Edwards does not mention in these speeches is the deep vein of Republicanism that runs through his hometown. Edwards did not carry the county, Moore, in his run for the U.S. Senate;
I have never been polled , I lay awake at night , Sometimes, wishing someone would call me and ask me about my views.

I'm starting to think that the people that run these polls get the phone numbers from the democratic list of registered voters.

This is in response to what I saw when I was reading the article about Edwards, Suposedly they polled about 1500 people ,by phone and decided that Kerry was ahead , and would beat Bush , because he had Edwards as V.P.

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