KFC Bennett Ozz Ideal 54GV0956

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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
http://www.semex.com/di/beef/semex.cgi? ... 34233323R2

I just ordered 50 straws of this bull. Have any of you used him and if yes, what did you think ?

I thought he looked quite nice and have seen some of his calves which look very promising..

It's a done deal anyways and we are limited to semen from the states due to various things ie. blue tounge etc. I wanted Independence but he is no longer clear for import...

Input is welcome and thank you ,now I am off to check on a Moderator heifer that is in labor... :)
No personal experience with him, but by his picture, I like him. His father was a big rascal, though. His WW/YW is a bit high for my taste personally, but don't know what your purpose for him is. We don't ai, but most of our bulls come from KCF, we live about an hour from them. They are one of the nicest families I've ever met, a pleasure to do business with them.
Thanks for the reply cfpinz..KCF do have a lot of fantastic breeding stock..

Btw my Moderator daughter had a beautiful bull calf...

Elwapa if you read this all I can say is you raised a heck of a bull ,I am in love with my Freedom Fog son, he gave me amazing calves last year for my heifers and now this year for my main herd. He is one h@ll of a bull... :tiphat:
I like him a lot. It's hard to find a son or grson of the G182 bull that I don't like tho. The only thing that worries me is his BW EPD but he's still 106 for CE and CED so I just wouldn't plug him in to any heifers. He sure has some nice growth numbers. I have two Independence calves on the way they are both due Friday. Good luck

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