John deere drill

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Mar 25, 2017
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ne oklahoma
Does anyone have a manual laying around for an FB Model A ? Bought one at auction yesterday .

Thanks vet, no real problems with it I can see, operational , with spare drop tubes . A little problem with the drive chain, due to my own ignorance . A couple of roughed up disc with a little play and that's about it .
An uncle had one and had it hauled to the scrap yard. Wish I'd known and had time to get some parts off it. Those old Deere planters interchanged a lot of parts. I replaced Dads 8 foot model b with a n 11 footer. Using his for parts.
On the disc play, ensuring that the locking nut is tight on the disc, fill the zerk with grease till you see the discs move out and START to get hard to turn. Once filled they don't require that much attention.

If you need chains, TSC carries them.

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