john deere 6620

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Jan 15, 2009
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Caddo co oklahoma
we bought a pair of 6620s 3 years ago thought that they would get the wheat out, so we got one of them running and worked it last two years. They were bought for salvage prices just paid $4000 for both. the oldest one is running now plan to get the other one running next year and use the parts from it to put the newer one together. boy after working on this one for a couple of years i relize that you have to bend in places that are seldom used. teh designer of this junk was on crack or just not very repair minded a power steering line had rotted out, the break for it is under the grain tank no way to get two hands under there to take it apart so i cut it at a better place and put a compression coupling there. now some how a pin fell out of the tailing chain and its under the drivers seat i have cussed this and every john deere that i see for the last day or so. they are on some stupid pill that should have been banned for the sake of farmers and machanics. :???: :???: :mad:
You do realize the seat can be lifted in order to gain access to the park brake, tailings elevator, etc?
John Deere is known for making their combines hard to work on , just wait till you have to replace the seperator belt which also under the seat.

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