hi all.... brownmule is back

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Jan 14, 2006
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hey all my farmer friends.. im back on line.. nope the 'crazy turtle lady' hadnt got me yet...lol
been a bad summer here in wv for hay. or at least here.too much rain... rain on your windrows sure isnt good.. i hope i have enough to get me to spring.. still got mules and donks at pasture. keep them hay burners grazing..till deer season any way.. have a couple "brownmule" stories that took place this summer that would only happen to me.. which will require a new post... dont ya just love a "cliff hanger?" any way good to see every one still on... look forward to catching up
Ryder":1jcr4vqm said:
About time you showed up.
So catch us up on your news.
Are you and whats-her-name best friends now? :lol2:
Or did you :roll: do the triple S thing?

oh your so funny early in the morning.. :lol2: no we not sharing recipes, doing the " girl friend "chatt. LOL
Glad you're back,missed you..Was gonna send out a search party-glad it's not needed :D

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