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Mar 29, 2005
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East Central KS
Here's a three year old bull I saw this past weekend. I'm guessing he was about a frame 6.



I like him but I am no expert. I would like to see a little more depth and don't really like the high set tail head. He looks thick, but may be lacking in spring of rib. Can't see the shoulder area in the picks.
He is a very good looking bull. I would say that he may be pretty fat, but i am only looking at a picture. He is staying pretty close to the feed bunk, isn't he? Regardless, he appears to be a well balanced bull.
I was accompanying the owner who was walking up to the bunk to feed some cubes...that's why he was standing by the bunk. He was running in a pen of Old World. I saw him after he was pulled from the cows and he was in excellent condition then as well. I also saw some of his weanling calves and they were very nice.

I don't think he lacks depth and capacity, I can fault him for a few other things, but not depth.
now thats 1 goodlooking horned hereford.if it was me id left the weights on a tad longer to to pull his horns down a bit more.
bigbull338":3qe38o3a said:
now thats 1 goodlooking horned hereford.if it was me id left the weights on a tad longer to to pull his horns down a bit more.

I could be wrong on this because it is rare to be able to truly pick this out in photos, but .....

Suspect he was shaved into that shape - weights would have made his horns more symetrical. Be that as it may they are down real nice - just a matter of waiting for them to come around to the front now - much more down and they would curl into his head as a mature bull.

I think they wil come right around in front of his head in about a year and a half.

It may be easy to find some flaws - but we all know he is head and shoulders above a huge number of examples that have been seen on these boards.

Pretty good bull - even though I figure he is eating real well and not working very hard. I would not object to him jumping my fence for a few days.


What I was trying to say was ....He was grazing Old World Bluestem in the pen he was in.
Sorry, I didn't take any photo of his calves as I was getting ready to return home with a few bred heifers I purchased.

My heifers were sired by a different bull D Advance 908...I've attached some photos of him below.


Another good example of a beefy Hereford bull. Is this a Deewall? I think I like him better than the first. Definitely a lot of mass and rear quarter without sacrificing topline.
now that bull is a you can tell he has some breeding behind he is a nice thick heavy his horns are weighted down right.they will grow straight down an not grow back into his face.
jhambley":3rtdl8pi said:

Yes, both of these bulls are from Mike Deewall Family Herefords in Coldwater, KS.

I like the first bull best. Do you have a name on him? If he is in his working clothes, he is a very good animal.
The first bull's name is D Golden Advance. Here's a few photos of his sire Adv Red 11.

Adv Red 11


I have a 2 year old bull sired by Adv Red 11 that has never received any supplementation and has run with my cows since June. Here's a photo I took with my cell phone on 11/10.


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