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Black an Gus

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Jan 31, 2016
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HP Sauce, Alberta, Canada
I am looking for some suggestions on some nice flashy club calves that I can AI to 5 black balancer heifers. We have to be mindful of BW. I am looking to have the calves shown (hopefully heifers) I would like to stick with black hided animals and I am open to pretty much any breeds if I like the bull and he is proven.

To give you guys an idea, here is one of the heifers at 6 months of age, the other 4 are pretty much identical.

Heifers like that will have tons of options down the road for producing clubbies! I personally would never consider any club bull heifer safe, but if you must, here are some ideas:
1. Stress relief-black w/blaze face, double clean, BW 74, good structure with a bit of flash. Competitive Edge Genetics
2. Comfort Zone-Black, double clean, BW 72, purebred Maine, super well proven heifer safe. Competitive Edge Genetics
3. Frisky Whiskey-Black, THF PHAC, BW 65, Whiskey genetics are calving ease(generally) and get the job done. Competitive Edge Genetics.
4. I-80-Black, double clean, BW 62, purebred Maine, proven on heifers, produces consistent winners. Matt Lautner Cattle
5. Slider-Black, purebred Angus, defect free, proven on heifers. Competitive Edge Genetics.

Are your heifers double clean? That is something you really need to know when breeding clubby. My personal recommendation for first calf on heifers to get a showy calf would be Slider. Lots of folks use I-80, I'm just not impressed with him or his offspring....
I'm no steer jockey, but as far as clubby genetics go, that slider bull looks stacked with northern improvement over duff x luton. I don't see how you could go too wrong there over balancer heifers.

That looks like solid advice to me.

I wouldn't want something that low of WW and YW for production cattle, but I like a lot of heifers with a little northern improvement or lutton in the background. Improves visual appeal.
I would use Insight if it was my heifer. But if I wanted a more surer heifer bull I would try radiance
I agree with Boot Jack on I-80 we have bred several heifers to him with no problems. I have a Simangus heifer that will be calving this spring that`s bred to I-80. Some are also using Daddy`s Money on heifers without problems.
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If you really want to breed them clubby, I'd go with Tiny Tim. He's an Ali X Dr Who, 65# bw. From what I've seen he may be the most consistent easy calving bull to still give you a really nice look, with soundness and enough power. He's polled, and he's TH and PHA free. He's not going to add any frame, but if your heifers are big enough for you, their calves out of him should be big enough, too.

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