Hay cutting time !

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Mar 8, 2014
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Pisgah, Alabama
Finally had a forecast with 5-6 days of no rain . Have about 32-35 acres on the ground . Mostly rye grass and a few acres of fescue. One breakdown so far . Some genius threw and alternator out and in the hay field . One problem with a field next to the road . Had to replace one of the blade mounts on the conditioner. We have lots more to cut but my son is back in Louisiana working and it's just me and my helper. Don't want to get more than we can do .
Not gonna complain about the rain but our forecast is no conducive to making good hay. Got about 20 acres of grass that's been down for a week, rained on twice. Raked it today and some places it's still just as green as when I mowed it.
Knocked down a few more acres of grass yesterday and today but waiting for a good dry stretch to mow my good alfalfa orchard grass hay fields.
I see some alfalfa down over in the Treasure Valley. But it will be another month before anyone even thinks about it here. Elevation has a lot to do with that. Treasure Valley is at about 2,100 feet. We are at 2,700 feet. And the Baker Valley is about 3,600 feet.
had a window but got 3.75" of rain the day before... fields still wet, some guys went for it but today is cloudy and its been 50's in the morning with heavy dew.
Hay guy cut ours on Monday and finished in the evening. Yesterday was low 70's and today it was in the 60's and he was baling? No way it's dry…he couldn't finish what he raked because it started raining and of course the rest if the field he had laying and tedded is rained on.
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This was my day today. Hit it lucky this week. Mower mowed. Tedder tedded. Rake raked. And the baler baled. Must mean I'm in for trouble next time…..
We lucked out last week and got everything cut and baled. Right after my son rolled the last bale it started raining in the evening and we have had 2 big storms since then. We would usually be getting close to a second cutting by now but the rain has held us back. One good thing about the rain after the baling is the grass took a big growth jump so hopefully we will be out there again soon
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This was my day today. Hit it lucky this week. Mower mowed. Tedder tedded. Rake raked. And the baler baled. Must mean I'm in for trouble next time…..
Wish I could say that ! Rake didn't cooperate, tractor 🚜 quit on the baler , something about the power going to the controller in the cab . Switched tractors and then clutch plate went out on baler . Tomorrow is another day !
Tomorrow, you'll see the storms I saw last night late, actually 3-4am early this morning. They were pretty intense.
I was in Huntsville last night and a massive storm hit there, rained and stormed from there south to past Conroe, storing here now I Houston.

Big storm at the ranch last night in Stonewall LA as well. Knocked a powerline down carrying electricity to the house and for some reason the generator isn't transferring power over although it's running, My son is going to use the manual change over this morning because the princess is home without electricity and can't even get out with the light pole down across the driveway
We're not supposed to get any till tonight or Saturday. If we can get running it won't take us but 2-3 hrs
We got about 2 1/2" here from 3am till just before dawn. Just now clearing up and sun is out, but it's 69 degF. Leon and Navasota rivers are in minor to moderate flood stage. More T-storms likely here after 4pm.

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