Have you ever spread pearl millet with a fertilizer buggy?

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Steve Wilson

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May 29, 2008
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Mid Missouri
I finished drilling all of our pearl millet today but had to use the seed we bought for her brother because it was drilling a little heavier than planned. Also had to give the county's no till drill back to the next fellow that wanted it. I only have a small 3 1/2 acre patch of creek bottom left to do for the brother. My question is; have you ever tried slinging it with a fertilizer buggy? The small seed size probably won't fly the full 50 foot spreading width of a buggy. Couple of thoughts here, I can spread the fertilizer with the buggy, then sow the millet with my little 3 point seeder. Or set the buggy for double spread of fertilizer/millet and go over it twice to even out the millet.

What do you think?
I've done it with the 3 point hitch but never with the buggy. Cousin uses buggy for ryegrass sometimes. I think it would work if the seed didn't settle. The double pass is what I would try if it were me. How are you going to cut it in?
Yes, I have spread with the fertilizer buggy. Prior to last year, I always harrowed, chisel plowed, harrowed again and planted pearl millet with a four row planter and side dressed with nitrogen and ran through it with the four row cultivator after it got 12 inches high. High cost of diesel last year led me to spray the field with roundup, spread fertilizer and seed with the fertilizer buggy and lightly disc in. Then, two weeks or so later broadcast sprayed with 2-4D+Banvel to kill out the coffee weeds and pig weeds. Worked really well.

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