Hair loss pink skin and itching

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Apr 23, 2020
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All I've got a yearling bull and he has got some areas on his sides and head (you can see around his eyes and above his nose) that have hair loss/pinkish skin. I have done some a little bit of research and I am thinking maybe ring worm? (not really sure)

The other cattle that have spent the winter with him don't have any of the same issues.

I can't figure out how to add the photo actually, if any one could advise that would also be greatly appreciated.

Let me know your thoughts and possible solutions.

Thank you, it's greatly appreciated.
Without a pic, my best guess would be lousy, most any pouron will handle it, if that's the case. Did you do any kind of worming , vac in the fall?
Does he have a white face?. The areas you mention would be getting full sunlight. I would be considering photosensitization. They can eat things that will make the skin, especially white skin more sensitive to sunlight. Creosote if it comes in contact with the skin can photosensitize it. If it seems well, applying some sunscreen may help.

Thank you very much for the responses do you know how I can post a picture I am having some trouble with it.
Yes he does have a white face, but a red body (herford) and the body also has the same itchy looking spots.

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