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Dec 6, 2007
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My neighbor raised a couple acres of corn for silage on my place this year and we had a bad storm come through and mash a lot of the corn down so bad that they couldn't cut it. There is a lot of corn laying on the ground. I'm in the process of buying a steer off a guy to feed out for the freezer. Would it hurt to run an electric fence around the corn field and let him have at it or should I just let him have access to a little at a time?
Give it to him a little at a time and he will clean it up and get the most out of it without wasting it. You will be suprised how long it will last. If the steer is small his teeth might not be able to bite the hard corn ears.
Thanks Kenny. The corn isn't hard as of yet but it will start to harden up soon.
Be careful - you might get into some nitrate poisoning if the corn is too green/immature. I would suggest you get some of it tested for nitrates.


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