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Aug 24, 2005
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Saskatchewan, Canada
And they keep giving us FROST warnings :stop: :mad: !! We've been lucky though and I think have avoided all the frost. I know it has frozen in spots around us though.

Most of the garden is up, radishes, cucumbers, beets, beans, corn and some of my vines are up. The tomatoes are in. Don't know if the carrots are up, they are so hard to see, and my peas are being quite slow. I still have some peppers to put in, but it is just a matter of finding room and transplanting them.
Isn't it great to watch them break the ground. I hope you have better luck with your carrots than I did. I planted two areas. One area drowned and the other just didn't come up. I'm beginning to wonder about the seed. I will have no carrots this year. :cry2:
I just ate sweetcorn from my garden pots!! It was good !!
I had some "nibblets". Mine is getting close. Probably be able to pick a mess of purple hull peas in a few days also. Been eating tomaters and peppers a little over a week now. Squash, probably about a week away from getting tired of eating squash. :)

PS - all of this is no thanks to the weatherman. :devil2:
I wish my corn would hurry up and make. I keep watching it and it just doesn't seem to be doing anything. We got a shower yesterday and today so maybe it will go on and fill out. Sunday will be the third week with tassles.
You guys are just nasty, it will be weeks before we are eating anything out of our garden. Jogee, so far there is no sign of carrots in my garden, they are so small when they start, so hopefully I will have some.

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