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Jun 14, 2013
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I haven't heard much about GAR Prophet or PA Power Tool lately. It seems like Power Tool has some sons that are doing well.
What kind of results have you had if you have used them? I'm not sure that they are slam dunk heifer bulls. Thanks in advance.
I used PA Power Tool once and was disappointed. It was an 80-pound bull calf out of a cow that normally throws big, muscular calves and this was one of her lightest birth weight calves. He never got very muscular (was long and narrow in body mass) and we ended up castrating him and we're eating him right now. I will say this: Power Tool's high marbling EPD was passed on to this calf. His steaks and roasts look well marbled and the meat has been outstanding. Of course, it's hard to judge something on one sample, but this was one of my best cows so decided not to use Power Tool again. Have never used GAR Prophet.
I've used GAR Prophet for 3 years now and I think I'll send him around again later on this year. I have a couple of his heifers that will calve in a few months, I like them they have been born easy and have grown well. I have a couple of his bulls that I will be selling later this year as 2 yr olds and they are amongst my top, one of them from a very good cow was born mid July and weaned the end of the following February had a weaning weight of 442kg (972 lb) just on grass and milk.

Try this video, the one first up is a Prophet then another at 5.40 min into the video.

I have a fall born heifer DOB 10/26/16 she's outta PA Power Tool her mother is a PB Gelbvieh so the heifer is a 50/50 Balancer. She's a pretty nice calf so far but, not a rock star. B&G
I have a 4 year old Power Tool. Calved on time first calf nice cow. 2nd calf little later (one of bigger calves) 3rd calf right at the end of my breeding season (again one biggest calves) last fall ended up open. Put her in with commercial fall cows, ended up being last one bred by 2 heat cycles.

Buddy had same age Power Tool same thing. Raised heck of a bull calf and just milked down to nothing. Ai'd once, bull for 90 days and even AI'd again when we seen her in heat last winter after her calf was weaned. He is eating her now.

They got to much milk for our management style here but I'll say they can raise a calf!
I looked up both bulls in the Pathfinder Report for 2016. I didn't see them listed. They both have about the same milk epd +38 and +39. They are at .81 and .82 for accuracy so their epds won't be going down much. So, I guess you need to get a cow that will cut back on the milk if you want to use them.
I have a prophet who is a great cow. Raises big calf and as docile as they come. Good uddered and good feet. I prefer prophet over power tool. Seems females have more look to them.

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