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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
I think today was the 8th or 9th branding I have helped at this year. Two or three every week and others that I knew about but didn't attend. Some of them have too many people. Some of them not enough help. Today was about right. But it was about the most miserable weather. Which is saying something based on the first couple were in the last week of March. Here it was the 29th of April. It was 34 degrees with a stiff wind to blow a hole through you. Constant threat of rain although we just had a few drops. Looking up at my place just 3 miles away you could see it was getting hammered. When I got home it was half snow and rain coming down sideways.
It hasn't been that way at all at the other brandings. Some have been down right pleasant. Shirt sleeve weather instead of wondering why I didn't bring a heavier coat. And as you can see from that one picture we start them young. One more big branding left to go and then just a few small clean up branding for the late born calves.434608182_2399361683593129_2384107180528105096_n.jpg434768937_2399359570260007_7556233550321237694_n.jpg
I got to thinking. The branding in the pictures was the Saturday before Easter Sunday. Shirt sleeves and not a coat in sight. Unlike yesterday where everyone was digging out their coat and buttoning it up. Low 20's this morning and it looks mighty frosty out.

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