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Roy E. Mosley Jr.

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Feb 2, 2004
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Does anybody else raise there steers from start(weaned) to finnish(1200) on pasture? And why? I do it because if is very cheap & ecspecially on pure Holstien steers.
Holsteins are not great grazers, especially with todays genetics breeding them for more milk and dairy farmers feeding them TMR.
But I have raised a few Holstien steer's on grass(sweet clover & bahaia) from start to finish and if you did'nt know any better you would think they were beef cattle. :cboy:
Letting holstein steers graze grass while trying to finish them out on grain really slows them down as far as the time it takes for them to finish out. Holsteins just are bred for grazing. I guess type of pasture makes a difference, but as big as they are when they finish out, they need a very large amount of grass just to maintain their condition.
Sometimes we do sometimes we don't. It depends on if there is enough grazing room & if they look finished or not. Oh and the prices at the market. Our show calves get up to about 1000 to 1500 pounds and they are considered finished.
Ellie May

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