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grand chaser09

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Sep 3, 2008
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i will be selling most of these calves. i think i might keep 2 not sure yet.

this is a bull out of black echo[black shamrock son] X full flush daughter

the grey and white bull is out of a simmi X whomadewho daughter

pure simmi bull

heifer simmi X mossy oak daughter

and my favorite a bull out of a simmi X who made who daughter. mom is behind him. she was undefeated in show. and a good momma.

fire away. lets see if you can knock them for the same things i am.
I like the red heifer and I cant help liking the wooly bull calf, we because I always get a few. Don't know why your knocking them, maybe leg? I think they look good. I know were not keeping all of our calves this year, cz they cost alot to feed and I look forward to the check when they are sold.
It's like looking at clouds. One has a heart on his head, one has Texas and the last one has a tank.
They look good.
So cute, and they all look really healthy. I'm not gonna knock them yet, they change too much when they are young! But they all look really great at this point, looks like you will have your pick for show animals.
as far as i know so far the red heifer and grey bull are going to be shown. the others im not to sure about yet. and the grey bull is going to stay a bull too.
I like all of them. That grey one seems to be a dandy for sure.
But I like the first one too. Great pics
the first one was good to strat out with but he has a great front but looks to be lacking in his rear now? thats an older pic of him.

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