fall calves

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My husband kept 25 hd of cows that bred late. I have had 3 calves so far and they are all MEAN. 2 of them actually tried to charge me at 2-3 days of age. The other one was quite a screamer when I grabbed him to tag his ear. They are from the same bull as the earlier ones, but I never had one of those little 70 pounders try to take me 'till now. Is it something to do with being fall calvers? Or what?
Shouldn't make any difference with their disposition. At least, I've never noticed any. Maybe you should be thankful that they are a little aggressive. You didn't indicate where you're located, but sometimes our calves that are born in the heat don't seem to get up and get after it like they should. I've always attributed that to the heat.

In my opinion, a calf born this time of year needs to get started sucking with no delays. Often for us, they are a little too sluggish and it doesn't take long to lose one. With the price of calves, I'd much rather have them "charging" the old lady! ;-)
That's very odd behaviour.. sounds like it may be a genetic thing. I've never had calves that acted differently depending on the time of year they were calved out.
We have fall and spring calves. I haven't really noticed a difference in their disposition. We use Brangus bulls. I would prefer taht they be up and running early , as ours usually are, instead of being able to just walk up on them after two or three days. I have got calves hitting the ground right now so I'll start paying more attention and see if I notice a difference.

I hate to blame it on you but everybody knows those little
critters are their craziest "at the crack of Dawn"

Sorry, I'm plain ignernt.

Maybe it's not you Dawn. I had 2 last year that fell into the "fall calver" catagory. One was a hereford looking bull, that we named appropriately "Runner Red", and a black bull "Ripper". They were not as docile as the earlier ones. I just assumed it was because there were only 2 cows in the whole pasture left to calve, so they were spookier then if they'd been with the rest of the herd.

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