Factors that Affect Calf Selling Price at Marketing

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Jul 25, 2011
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NE Arkansas
I found this today. I thought you might like reading it..


Quotes - Small-frame
scored calves are also severely discounted ($22). These
calves do not fit into the production dynamics of intensively
managed feedlots and commercial processing

Many factors significantly affect calf selling price, regardless
of the market channel. These factors are as follows:
1.Date of marketing within the year
2.Base sale weight of the calf lot
3.Sex of calf
4.Cattle breed
5.Number of calves in the sale lot
6.Inclusion of certified health programs
7.Uniformity of calves in the lot
8.Presence of calves with horns
What do y'all think is the ideal time of year to be marketing our calves?
Just read the article. Whoops.

Says June/July.

When do most try to calve? Locally it seems people calve in spring. Which puts weaning towards late Fall/Winter. Correct? I'll be honest. We have been hauling off in the bad part of the year.

According to this, calves need to be on the ground in late Fall/Early Winter. Do you all find it difficult feeding pairs through winter? I was told not to. But sounds like we need to.
The trade off for the higher price is the extra expense of feeding a pair. But here the high price is earlier than what it says in the article. April is usually good here.

Try to avoid selling calves in October. It seems to be the lowest market of the year and more animals are on it. One of my order buying buddies calls October "National Dead Calf Month" because of the health problems associated with weaning at the sale barn along with warm days and cool nights here in East Texas.
Lots of factors, Did the secretary of defense have a good bowel movement that day? Is jupiter aligned with saturn? Did the groundhog see his shadow?
Last year prices were great at the beginning of september and fell a little after.. this year they sucked and went back up in october
Its easier and cheaper to grow calves on grass than feed and hay. Don't wean on the trailer. A lot of people hedge and have a fall and spring herd. Fall calving does not work with my main farm job.

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