Facebook for farm purposes?

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Jan 16, 2012
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Three times, in the last two weeks, someone has had to tell me something was going on in the cattle industry because I missed it on Facebook (cattle for sale, cattle sales, and roping cattle for sale ). My wife has Facebook, and screen shots me what I need to know about ropins, and rodeos. To my knowledge, she wouldn't receive any cattle info.

I assume she gets rodeo info, because that is a point of interest for her. She has no interest in cattle.

Should I tell her to "join?" Cattle stuff (no idea what that means sorry)? Or, should I get a Facebook page, and pursue cattle related info myself?
There are hundreds of farm related pages on FB. If you were to join and only subscribe to those and not accept or request friends that only post BS and feel they have to update the world on every single thing they do
Facebook is a valuable resource. All the info about the Brazil scandal and other info I get from there. You can follow organizations like R-Calf USA and they send you updates all the time. People around the area will spread the word about scam artist like a guy writing bad checks in Oklahoma for deals well over $50,000 in cattle. People buy and sell hay, cattle and equipment. I just sold 16 heifers for $1500 each for my buddy. He didnt get a single call from Craigslist, a lot of calls from facebook. Now he is a believer. Wants me to start posting his bulls for him. He is about 80 years old and cant figure computers out. Right now people are coordinating shipping hay donations up to the Texas Panhandle to feed the cattle that are affected by the wildfires. The networking on Facebook is a valuable thing. Just set you account to private and only friend the people you would allow access to your life. That being said I only friend my family and use facebook for cattle networking. I am a member of numerous groups on Facebook.
That's the only reason I have Facebook. The beef magazine and drover's are good pages. Still take them with a grain of salt though.
Agree with BK9954. Kansas Farmers/Ranchers is a closed group on Facebook & I've had good luck selling bred heifers (and getting rid of barn cats); I suspect there's something similar in your area. Additionally, if you "like" Drovers, Beef Mag, etc you'll receive updates on your news feed & click on the link or you can go directly to that page. Facebook will also suggest additional sites to follow.
Yep, it's a good resource. We buy and sell on FB regularly. You can avoid a lot of the unnecessary bs if you try, but it'll overwhelm you quick if you let it.
BK9954":2o2fjglg said:
Right now people are coordinating shipping hay donations up to the Texas Panhandle to feed the cattle that are affected by the wildfires. The networking on Facebook is a valuable thing.
My wife is right smack dab in the middle of that. She joined one of the first groups just to get us a name and location of someone to help and wound up being a moderator on that group and has since turned that into about nine groups joining together and working with the drop off locations and haulers to coordinate everything. They have a couple of computer geeks donating time so that the whole system can be repeated instantly for future disasters. It all started on Facebook and that is still a main part of the system. I really don't believe that ranchers in the area would effectively be getting what they need without it.
Facebook can be whatever you want it to be. Mine is about 50% people I enjoy hearing from and 50% cattle/bee stuff. I really enjoy the seedstock pages in my feed. I've found a few standout bulls that you'll never see in a catalog just by following a few ranch pages and seeing what they post.

I agree our farm page is a 50/50 mix but it is a powerful tool especially for someone with tech skills....which I don't have. Are you going to make the Sinclair sale? If so how bout letting me know how you like the Queen Mother heifers.

pdfangus":30iyfpqk said:
facebook has cut into my cattle today time
Cattle today is where I can actually get a question answered and I am somewhat anonymous so I can ask without being afraid of what locals will think. Its where I believe you can actually say things how they are without fear of a witch hunt or someone forming an opinion of you that can damage or your day to day dealings. With facebook people know who you are, your name is right there, you do business with them and you have to be careful what kind of reputation you get. Only a couple of guys here know my name and I am fine with that. Cattle today has been a wealth of knowlege.

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