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Mar 27, 2004
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Glennville, Georgia
We are in the middle of a pretty severe drought here in Southeast Georgia. Now is the time of year that our cattle should have plenty of grass available, but due to lack of rainfall, (Currently 14 inches behind annual rainfall for 2004) we basically have no grass. Our calves are 4-5 months old and really needing nutrition. Hay is starting to get scarce. I would love to hear any strategies that some of you have to get thru drought conditions. Thanks. :roll:
Sell calves early. Saves on feeding them and lets the cows get by on less.
Cull your herd down- if its a questionable producer its time to get it gone.
Put out a protien suppliment- drought grass(on the east coast) can be so low in protien that the rumen can't make use of it.
If supplimenting with grain- be careful to either feed very little or a low starch source.
Your best solution to get your cows thru(without costing an arm and leg) - is no longer legal

Talk to Mr. Hart :lol: about getting some of his hay!

We got hit hard in 99/00 drought sell down your herd. Feeding out of a sack is like a second mortage on your house. I was selling calves at three months to get them off the cows. Main difference is the buyers were paying us pennies per pound they knew we were in a jam. I had almost developed a cow that could eat dirt. The cheapest feed you can buy is fertilzer.
I did after the couple of rains we did get . It really helped the grass hang on, in the bottoms. I have mostly bottom land I was luckier than some of my neighbors.

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