Does overseeding Ryegrass work?

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Jan 2, 2004
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Wanted to try and improve the quality of some existing grass in a field for first cutting. Someone local suggested over seeding some ryegrass and running a chain harrow over it. They say it has worked for them. Never have done ryegrass so I have no experience. This field had some Triticale drilled into it in the fall but I think the drought got it. Looking for ideas to get better hay than what fescue is left in it. Field has had a nutsedge problem and do not want to do a permanent reseeding until I get the nutsedge under control.
Imho, in our area it's about like peaches. Everything lines up just right, and you have a harvest. Most of the time, something beats you out of it. I try a little almost every year. Can't beat it, on the year it works. Total disaster on the years it doesn't.

My best luck has been broadcasting when I absolutely knew it was going to rain. Hard to drill it, because it's easy to cover to deep.
pricefarm":26k09omx said:
When would be a good time to try this? Late feb early march ?
Before your next rain. We've had good luck throughout the winter but our winters usually ain't bad at all

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