Cutting fall bull calves

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Getting ready to Cut fall bull calves and i have some questions:

Never had fall bull calves, is this time of year ok (live in N. Calif - weather still good)?

Going to use the emasculator (sp) - any tricks, traps or "don;t forgets"?

what vacancies should i give at this time?

Thanks all

Alex Fullingim Circle A Ranch Red Bluff, Ca
We're right down the road from you and we've used emasculators year round. As far as vaccinations we use an 8-Way for Clostridium Chauvoei, Septicum,Haemolyticum, novyi, Sordeellii, Perfringens Types C & D and one called Vira Shield 5+Somnus. The heifer calves get the same plus a Vibrio Lepto before they're bred. There is a man that works in Lassen Ranch and Home that's very knowledgable and they're about the best priced for cattle products.

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