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Aug 20, 2004
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I'm fairly new to cattle business after messing around with a few on the farm as a kid. I see ads for all types of supplements. I just got info on crystalyx brand. Has anyone had any experience with it, good or bad.
Thanks to all
I have used it since November & just quit in the last month. I was trying to find an easier way to feed minerals to make sure that all of my cows were taking in enough. They do really like it which makes them come up more often so I can check on them. I just could not justify the expense. I went back to my loose mineral that I dump in daily so it is fresh & they seem to be taking in enough of that. It is just more time consuming.
I used it last fall as I was feeding really poor quality hay and wanted to get the cows rebred on time. Cows really liked it, had a shorter calving season this year, and was easy. Only problem was it was kind of expensive. I fed it for 4 months, never did figure out the cost per head though. I am not feeding it this fall as we have an abundance of good quality hay & silage.
We've used the 30% tubs for the last 5 years. Cows on Corn Stalks and Tubs throught the South Dakota winters. Our body conditions stay at 5.5. to 6.5. THe tubs are hard enough to keep them from just chewing, and they do keep coming back. You do have to keep a salt block out, as there is no salt in the tubs. We're sold on 'em and yup they are expensive, but good BCS and easy calving have high value!
We are using the BGF-30's right now. Have used min lyx, and pro-phos I believe is the other. THey have a new iona-lyx, that peaked my interest but not at $119 a tub. I think the consumption is right on. The only draw back besides the high $ is the tub weighs about #350, so you need a loader to get 'em into the back of a truck to take them out to the girls. But on the positive side of it, the tubs don't blow off into the fence line. personally I feel it's a good product but you are paying for the convieniece vs. a loose mineral. We tested sweet pro tubs last year when the cows were on stalks (poor quality feed) for our feed dealer and they were almost as good as crystyl lyx.
They are cardboard with plastic bottom so they don't totally fall apart in the bad weather.

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