cow's acting wierd

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I have a 6 yr old cow, last year she lost her baby then had ovarian cysts took meds. she's bowing up like in labor tonite but no clear discharge,she's with the bull 365 days a year and does not swell out when pg. should I do anything for her or just watch? we always have to pull her calves because of her holstein bones.

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Given that history, she could have a uterine torsion or something equally serious. If you know how to palpate a cow, it may be an idea to do that. Frankly, I'd recommend you call your vet, the cost of the call is negligible vs the cost of all you could lose. And why keep the cow if you have to pull every calf? (just asking) Good Luck! V
Seriously, if your having to pull calves cull this cow and use the money to buy another! Calving problems do get passed on and the whole point in breeding is to improve your herd, not practice being a vet.

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