Cow close to calving?

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Jan 6, 2017
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I have a cow who I thought I observed bred last May. She was with the bull for a little longer after that. If she was bred on the observed date, she would be 10 days late today. Still no calf. She has had some discharge including some thick (not the plug) for the last couple of weeks. Her udder is massive and her teats have been sticking out for the last two days. Each day I think she is going to calve. Right now she shows no signs of discomfort other than licking at her udder. She still has a massive appetite as well. Does she sound like she is getting close?
TCRanch":2mpv9eyb said:
Is she "springing"? Watch for her to get swollen, tail to the side. She may have a bull calf in her - they generally take longer to cook :)
Thanks. The back teats are really full and sticking out. The front teats are still a little limp. This cow always calves 4-6 days late and always bulls too. :lol:
Had a vet out today as the cows back end was massive. He checked her out and said she is not due for at least another 10 days. We missed her breeding by one cycle. The swelling was from fluid in the vulva. She is already milking as well. The good news is the calf is alive inside her, she is just going to be a little later than we prefer. The vet said that the fluid was caused by lack of exercise.

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