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I'm not really a beginner with cattle and have been nuts about ranching since I was a kid. I'm admittedly pretty green at the business side of a cow/calf operation. I'm looking for some advice from you larger producers on how to go about making a move full time into cattle rather than just a small operation that gave me a little extra spending cash. I want to make a career move into cattle (Cow/calf) full time and am interested to know how you went about it or how you would if you had the opportunity to start over. Take out the land price equations for this as I know it will not be profitable if this is in the mix and have an unbelievable land opportunity I want to take advantage of. Can anyone tell me where I could find the average calf prices over the past 10 years or so in northeastern Oklahoma, or even a national statistic. Here in NE Okla on good ground,I can run approximately a cow/calf unit per every two acres. Can any of you large scale folks give me some type of an idea on what you target for a return on your operation or better yet per cow and how you manage this. The only additional costs I should incurr will be feed, vacinations, and mostly my time. The larger machinery costs will remain the same as what I have now since I have all the equipment needed for a large scale operation. Am I crazy to be thinking about this permanent move or what?

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