cow blood infections

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Can anyone tell me about cow blood infections that people can get. My daughter works in a Meat Processing plant and recieved a deep cut to a finger by a knife covered in cow blood. She became very ill about 2 days later, by the 5th day her eyelids and surrounding area turned a deep purple. She has also been suffering with sweating episodes. Does anyone have any information for me please.

A few years ago a friend of mine had a similar accident while cleaning a deer. A few hours later his entire arm had turned dark red and he was having difficulty breathing. We left the deer camp in the middle of the night and took him to the nearest hospital. The doctor told us that the protein in the deer blood was incompatible with the protein in human blood and that was causing the symptoms. He fully recovered after a few days but it was a very scary incident. I agree that if your daughter hasn't seen a doctor yet, she should as soon as possible. I would also contact the Health/Safety department at the processing plant. They surly have information on situations like this. Since she was hurt at work, she should be covered by worker's compensation for medical bills and lost work, but you must report the accident to the proper people at the plant as soon as possible. Make sure her illness is classified as a work related injury/illness by the safety department at the plant. Best of luck.

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