Couple commercial heifers off our ranch

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They look good. Grandkids in 4-H program? Have they been working with them?
Our kids showed and they want their kids to show. They are now learning all the work we put into it. The only difference between us and them is, we waited till they were in high school and got into FFA. Their kids are 10 and 9... But, our kids know more about showing than i ever did. One was a FFA teacher for years and in charge of the showing. They work together, our kids with their kids. We just go watch and provide choice of heifers. They do work with the heifers. I think they started their kids too early. We made our kids do their own work, grandkids are kind of young.
That brindle is a dandy!
I pushed her from day one, like, when she hit the Daughter has bred her to the magoo. The super growth of this line of cattle in our herd is hopefully, the perfect mix with the magoos.............aka Waygu. We just have ours on heifers, but i really want to breed them to this mix.
Never too young. I have worked with the NY juniors for 40+ years. My daughter showed, her kids, and hopefully my Great Grand kids - but they live in Vermont.
I sponsor a family with 3 kids - the 6th year. I do not believe in getting cattle ready for kids. They work with them as soon as they pick out what they want to show. They do their own halter breaking, walking, stick work, clipping. They are now 18, 16, 13 (were 12, 10 & 7). Now, they help us with anything needed. When we go to a show, they clean all the equipment & pack the trailer - meet us there, unload the trailer, set up display. They are priceless help! They do not live on a farm.

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