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Jun 23, 2011
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The Big Country, Texas
I have looked around but have not found the answer to this query.

Does anyone have a good plan for an old-fashioned crowding chute? Planning on sinking four cross ties and nailing some 2x6's.
Well, a 28" width will be about right. I am a little concerned about length from tail gate to head gate. I am estimating 6 feet. I am estimating that length, because that is how long the free 2x6's are.
6 feet is going to be short for most adult cows.

If their head is already in the catch gate 6 feet might work. A season cow is sometimes reluctant to put her head in the catch. If you're trying to close a gate behind her, you are going to be hard pressed.
I think you are right. I was looking at the cows yesterday and, well ... they looked longer!

So, 8 ft?

I wish I had the plans that Daddy and Papa drew up years ago. That old chute was a good one, but it burned up in a pasture fire years ago. Got the barn and the old farm house too.

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