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Oct 5, 2007
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Narcoossee, Central Florida
I'm looking to get my cow butchered/slaughter to get the hamburg. She prolapsed after giving birth in January, then did it again a day or so later. She was all sewed up so she wasn't having any more and she was going to butcher after weaning and before fall fairs. Well, she went into heat and prolapsed again! Poor thing. It can't happen again or she will have to go down. We could use the hamburg and the calf is eating some now anyway. Anyone know of a place besides Hopkins in Sanford? I've heard there is someone out there that comes to your house? I'm in the Saint Cloud address area. Any help would be appreciated.
pm me.. i know of a few in lakeland plant city area i have dealt with . i can git ya some numbers if they are close enuff to you. one will farm butcher but he wont drive too far.. im not sure where st cloud is
Thanks for all the help. I had a friend call in a favor and got the cow to butcher today. They are squeezing her in and the old man who use to own the shop is doing the butchering. He still works there part time. The people who own this place now are mostly into goats, or whatever if you know what I mean. A great relief we won't be losing the beef. These people know my vet so they would take her. Good to know they are fussy what goes through there. She is healthy and all right now, but that could change rapidly.

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