Can someone explain the scramble certificate to me..

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Jul 29, 2008
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I am finally getting some show prospects out of my herd to sell. I have a steer available now and have a young man that wants to use a $500 scramble certificate for part of the purchase price. While I understand what the certificate is, how does one go about redeeming the certificate for the cash. Is there any risk in these ? (IE do I need to make sure it's real and if so, how would I do that ?
As far as I know, at least when I was showing, scramble certs are for heifers only.
As cowboy stated, be sure you can use it on a steer. We have only had kids give us Ft. Worth certificates. For the Ft. Worth certificate we had to send them the certificate and heifer papers that had been transferred in the kids name. It usually takes a couple of weeks for the check.
I know that some Texas Fairs are allowing scramble certificates to be used for a market animal.

The certificate should include the child's name, certificate value, what to send with the certificate and where to send it to redeem it. If you have any questions before accepting it, ask the kid to give you the organization's name and phone number. Call the office and find out for sure exactly what it good for and what is required to redeem it before accepting it. You also can confirm that the certificate is valid and that the animal being purchased meets all requirements.

Some certificates specify the year that the animal is born.
Check with the scramble office of the show that the certificate came from. There has been talk of some shows that may allow market animals but as afar as I know it is still only for breeding animals. We have had the luxury of our boys both winning certificates either in a judging contest or the scramble, And being able to sell heifers to kids using certificates. They work just like money but the paper work must be done and the purchase made on time. The kid should have all the rules/details in his or her scramble packet.
Our daughter has caught at San Antonio, Heart of Texas, and Austin. She's scrambled at Houston and Fort Worth as well. These certificates are good for breeding animals ONLY. Heart of TX allows you to purchase unregistered sheep and hogs(must be gilts though) to show. Cattle must be heifers. All the contact information for the show is actually on the certificate so you could call them directly to verify. The way all of them worked listed above is the kid is issued the certificate from the show after writing their initial sponsor thank you notes, the kids have up until a certain date to pick and purchase their animal. Once picked the certificate goes to the breeder. The breeder must register the animal in the child's name and then send the certificate and original registration papers to the show issuing the certificate (even if they are combining certificates as we did). Then, they are usually really quick about mailing you a check as soon as they receive these.
Hope this helps.

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