Can blinded calf become productive?

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Have a 3 mo. 250 lb calf come down with what we think was endotoxic shock. We caught it early, gave it the C&D vaccine and nuflor as recommend by the vet. She has greatly improved, but now seems to have forgotten how to suck off her mom, as well as having whiteness in her eyes and displays blindness. We have been bottle feeding her (she even forgot how to suck) and are happy shes alive. Since the feedlot wont take her blind- what are her chances of being a productive replacement heifer for us since she cant see very well? What special needs will we need to give to her? We are willing to give special care to her.
Several neighbors have kept cows after they have gone blind(they will find another cow to follow) and they have stayed very productive- but they never get handled anymore(or moved)- they are on their own to survive- they are treated as VERY dangerous animals to be around- even though they seem fine .

My other worry would be that she is not thinking right anymore- if she lost her attachment to mom and sucking instinct-- that sounds dangerous as she gets bigger.

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