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Nov 21, 2015
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west central wi
After the day I've had I am wondering if a calving pen might be a worthwhile investment? Anyone have any experiences with them, looking for good and bad opinions. After a quick search tonight I'm kind of liking the behlen.
Thanks in advance.
I guess we need to ask what happened before I make my smart a$$ comment but with all due respect, if I need a calving pen, I need a better bull or better cows.
Had one calve overnight to a dead heifer, was wondering if she had a twin, I don't think so but not 100% sure. Had another heifer that had the feet and head coming out like they should but just couldn't finish the job. Neither calf was to big in my opinion the other heifers that my bull has bred have all calved just fine. The bull calf that was in the heifer was about 70-75 lbs. Probably just be a better investment to get a decent chute system, but I saw the calving pens and wondered if they were worth it?

First time in 4 years I've had to pull a calf using this bull on heifers and cows.

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