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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
Whole corn in texturized starter does not affect the weight gain of young calves, according to University of Minnesota research.

The researchers fed a standard milk replacer (20 percent fat, 20 percent protein) and an 18-percent crude protein complete texturized starter containing one of three different forms of corn:

Steam-flaked corn, pellet and oats.
Whole corn and pellet.
Roasted corn, pellet and oats.
Weight gain and feed/gain during the 42-day pre-weaning period were not affected by starter fed. Daily gain and feed/gain during the pre-weaning period averaged 1.2 pounds per head per day and 1.94 pounds, respectively, for all three treatments. Calves in all three treatments also had similar weight gain (2.28 pounds per head per day) post-weaning. Average daily gain and feed/gain for all three treatments were 1.46 pounds per head per day and 1.9 pounds, respectively, during the entire 56-day study period. Total starter intake as-fed averaged 117 pounds per calf during the trial.