Calf respiratory problems

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Mar 26, 2017
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My first time on any forum. Not technical at all but desperate enough to try. Bought 27 head bred momma cows from two dif farms last June. Started calving in sept. still have one left to calve. Have lost two calves have two sick now with respiratory symptoms. Only large animal vet around only does once a week and stays booked, won't treat over the phone. Calves breathing is noisy, like growling sound, frothing at the mouth. Old timers around just say use penicillin so I did. Seemed to knock it out for a few days but would return. My dog vet ordered me Enroflox. Same results. Calves stay by themselves lay down most of the time. But really hard to catch.Thermometer broke not sure on temps. Got them penned but angus mom went nuts and destroyed my gate so I have to doctor in the pasture. Besides the income loss I just don't want a sick animal. Any info would be great, thank you.
You need some Nuflor or Draxxin ASAP. Find a vet that will give you what you need. Where are you located someone on here might be able to fix you up.
I'm in Story Ar. Still learning how to use this thing. Thanks for replys, I just saw them. Haven't vac calves. Were just weeks old when they fell sick. One has died, the other is hanging on. Been up grazing last couple days. Gave b12 and vit a a couple times. Was told cows were up to date. My dog vet will get anything I want but had no suggestions past what the labeles say. The calf still alive has layed so long it's neck won't straighten out! Makes it easier to catch but looks awful!
I don't know anything of the geography of where you are. But are there any universities that have vet or ag programs anywhere nearby? Seems impossible that any large animal vet would not be willing to fit you in to his next trip out. I am assuming that as helpful as your dog vet is, doesn't he know anyone in a reasonable area that can help? All that aside....get the Draxxin, there will be directions in the literature. It is expensive but sure cheaper than losing a calf. Where did you buy the cattle? You said 2 different places. Either one of them close enough to help or offer advice? If nothing else, they might be able to look at them and then your dog vet can get you the drugs.
We are spoiled here to have about 6-10 large animal vets in an hours drive.
I am not far from your neck of the woods (about 75 miles to the west) and had the same issue a few years back. First, I agree, get Nuflor or Draxxin for the immediate problem. Second, disregard the suggestion to vaccinate starting at 3 months for respiratory issues with calves. I vaccinate within a week, if possible, and follow up after 4 or 5 weeks with a booster, and make sure that you use a vaccine that includes somnus. I was using Virashield 6 for a couple of years and still seeing issues. Talked to a large commercial guy that is a neighbor and he suggested changing to Virashield 6 + Somnus. Haven't had an issue since (3 years). As far as using university contacts, farmerjan is dead on. Feel free to contact the University of Arkansas at and search the personnel listing for the appropriate individual. I have emailed them several times and they always return my message within a day. Jeremy Powell is a good one to contact, as he is the professor that confirmed it was a good idea to use the Virashield product including Somnus. Turns out, that was what they were using at the time at their student facility for calf vaccinations. Good luck.

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