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Apr 13, 2022
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East Central Ohio
Was working some cows with hoof rot the other night and took a few pics of the bull calf that stands out right now as a good herd sire prospect. Wanted to see what you guys think about him. His mom is right behind him in the first pic. I don’t think the pic does justice, he is purebred Simmental and about 6 months old IMG_1050.jpegIMG_1045.jpeg
Can't say I like his mom. Might need a better pic?

Nice in the rear. A little leggy for nowadays but I actually wouldn't discount him for that. Not a lot of body capacity or very deep though. He'd be good for producing feeders but I'd be questioning if I wanted heifers from him. But that depends on the cows I put him on. A year of first calves might tell you whether he's a keeper.

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