calf & magots

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week old calf not feeling well magots around rearend, gave shot of antobic, b-12, offering electolites will bag feed this evening. calf up & walking is there anything else i can do. did take the hose to his rear end.


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I copied and pasted this response here that I given to another person on one of these boards with the same problem.

>>>I bought a tiny, little (less than 30 lbs) newborn Angus heifer at the salebarn last year, late at night, and by first thing the next morning she was being eaten alive by maggots. Her hindquarters were covered and her vagina and rectum were literally full of the nasty things.

I immediately put the calf in the back of my pickup and took her over the vet's office. Because of her age and the involvement of mucus membranes, the vet said that he wouldn't use any of the preparations normally used in such a case. The calf was bathed, douched, and given an enema with warm, very soapy water that had had a product called "Pet Guard" added to it. "Pet Guard" is a mild product that is sold for dogs and cats to repel flies and other biting insects. Ours came out of it real well and is now 13-1/2 months old. The one thing that did come out of it, the vet determined that she is a freemartin, so she will be our freezer beef.

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