Mother cow kills 76-year-old woman tagging calf

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So sad. I know of several people that have been severely injured by cattle. Just heard about a week ago that a good friend near 80 was trying to get a calf to nurse and the cow wallowed him around and bruised him up bad. I gave up on tagging calves in the field, I have an inner ear condition and bad knees so I don't move very fast, so after a few close calls it ain't worth it to me.
Due to the restrictions of age I am down to 15 cows and no longer tag until weaning. I have had a cow ears under my armpits while
getting a calf out of a creek, another one come through the cab of a pickup when I couldn't get the door closed quickly enough.
Probably the closest was when the dog ran behind me with a new mama in hot pursuit. She killed me....Actually she stopped just
short and turned away. There is a God. A tag in the ear is not worth the risk of injury or worse. My heart goes out to the family of
the lady who was killed.

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