Calf choked on cube!

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Jun 9, 2004
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South Central Texas
I fed some cubes to some heifers that have their 1st calves that are about 2 mts old. One little bugger stuck his head in the trough and grabbed a cube and swallowed. His eyes got big and he stuck his tonge out and started trying to cough. He fell down on the ground and I rushed over to him. I looked in his mouth and throat - nothing. I felt down his neck - nothing. He could barely breath, I though he was going to kick the bucket right there. I slapped him on the chest a couple of times- nothing. I called the vet on my cell and he said to do the heilmlec!!! I have no idea how to do the helimlec on a calf! I rolled him on his back and pushed up on his stomach a few times - nothing. The vet said to haul him in. He had to carry him to the trailer and lay him in it. He got up and started pacing the trailer with his tounge hung out. When we got to the vets he was breating better, but still was labored. They stuck a pipe and tube inhis mouth and pushed in into his rumen. He said he felt it bump something so he should be ok but gave him a shot of batril just in case.

Have anyone had a calf choke on a cube before? What did you do?
My brother had a cow die from swallowing [half way] a hedge apple.
He had a hedge tree growng in the corner of his yard, he said he was out there and saw her rolling a hedge apple around with her nose.
Next thing he knows shes chocking to death,
He watched her for a few minutes untill she floped on her side, eyes rolled back in her head...
He ran in the house and got a broom and tryed to push it on down.
It was stuck tight! right past the throat latch.
He called me and we ground hamburger all night.