Buying Milo Straight Off The Farm

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Apr 19, 2007
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Gulf Coast of South Texas
I would like to get some insight on trying to purchase milo from farmers strait off the farm. We are probably looking at around 12 tons. There are a several farmers in the area that I was wanting to ask but I would like to kind of understand their situation a little better so we can find a deal that is beneficial to both of us.

Price is a good starter. Im not sure how to see what farmers are being paid out of the field. Also, I would be interested in knowing what it would take to be beneficial for a farmer to want to sell direct both from a price and volume stand point.

Next would be the odds of farmers keeping milo on hand through out the year. I assume most will be selling it at some point in not immediately. I would guess being about to pick up a ton a month or some thing of that nature would probably not be an option?

Lastly, how clean would milo be in this situation? It doesn't need to be perfect but big stalk or leaves would not work.

Any insight is greatly appreciated so I am not going in totally blind. If this is not a good option I guess my next step would be a mill or some where of that nature who may be keeping it year round, fairly clean, and ready for feed?

Brute 23> Due to distance I am not familiar with how close in proximity you are to where the milo is grown as that would have a bearing
on date of harvest. I am looking at your comments and it would appear you are referring to bales? Are you referring to sorghum sudan
or a Sudex type forage or the grain that has been through the oombine? The grain milo would make excellent feed if managed appropriately.
I would think what you are talking about (if forage) would require using protein tubs or liquid feed to insure adequate digestion in the
stomach. Otherwise it could wind up as a giant ball of indigestible matter resulting in death. Hope you find something that works for you
I buy corn off the farm. I can usually get it for spot price if they're hauling straight to the coop. You just can't slow them down. We go with a 16' dump trailer and pull right in behind and get loaded right out of the combine. As long as you don't slow them down it's a good deal for everyone as they don't have to haul it.
As far as milo should be the same
Most of what's kept on the farm here it seems is seed for next year.
Milo can also be a good cheap late summer into fall emergency grazing crop. If you get September rain you can get a pretty good stand before frost
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If you buy milo at harvest, watch the moisture levels. I think milo is more likely to require additional drying after harvest. You don't want to end up with high moisture in your feed bin.
We are exploring it for for quail through some of these dry times. It would be illegal to hunt doves over milo.

I was hoping maybe I could get a ton or so a month from them in my trailer hopper. Sounds like that may be tough for a farmer to do direct.

How would you price a ton of milo?

We are on the gulf coast. There are grain or cotton fields 10 min from my house. Milo gets planted here pretty early. Want to say maybe late Feb. It's ready before corn usually.
12 tons…that's going to be one hell of a dove hunt! 😂
When I was a teenager my buddy and I went through a family place and just trickled some milo out during the week. Just he and I and another buddy were supposed to be the only ones hunting out there that weekend. There were tons of doves but you couldnt keep them stirred up enough with only 3 people.

On Friday my dad tells me there are like at least 10 more family members coming that weekend.

Like 15 min in to the hunt Sat morning my dad came right to us. The birds were just circling us no matter how much you shot. I think you could have caught them with a dip net. My dad opened one up and you could see all the milo.

He chewed on us pretty good. Last thing he said was don't saying any thing to any one. Every one here needs deniability. If the GW comes yall fess up, tell them no one else knew, and take it like men. Luckily we did not get checked.

I have never done it again because it wasn't that sporting although I have hunted some legit, late planted milo that was wild.

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